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Notes on the Church Discipline


People have not fully accepted to follow church discipline to the letter. There are divisions still when it comes to dealing with some instances that happen in the society. You find that they entirely either knowingly or unknowingly do something against the will and the values taught by the churches today. But the majority of the churchgoers believe that there is need to uphold the church discipline. It is important that what people show in religion is translated in real life. It must happen in a way that will bring harmony and unity in our churches. The whole church must be part of it if it has to succeed and guide every one of them.


A pastor and the people who follow them should be co-coordinating the Old Fort sc church. When people do it in the spirit of love and forgiveness they should live to their words. In some cases, the church has not received acceptance. People don't feel what it is that the church wants to offer to them and as a result, they disagree with them many times. Such cases are delicate, and they deserve the proper attention. Through a lot of prayers and fasting so that all the things continue in a Godly manner.


It is very essential to find it sober to forgive one another. When people offend each other, they should find time to speak and forgive each other. In the events that it did not work try to have friends who can mediate and end the anger or the rift between. A church is the best place to have the matters settled. Role of the religion is not to side with each other but to call for unity among every person involved. The agreement that is lasting and has been valued by two parties. All of them should be treated in the same manner to signify that we are the same despite ignorable differences merely.


In all the riverbluff church people who don't believe in the word should not be allowed to the leadership of the church. When one has very questionable morals as seen in the society they should not be allowed to lead the people in the churches. All the commandments as given in the Bible are operational and need to be followed for people to live in harmony. Churches should convince everyone to respect them even if they feel that they are not part of it. When too much politics start playing it the churches there is a risk of losing the moral integrity as the institution to hold people together and speak for one course.